One comment on “Ecuador’s government and the Cochabamba Water War

  1. I think it’s key that one of the names for the march on Quito is the “Plurinational March for the Defense of Water, Life and the Dignity of Communities,” and even the organizaton’s website opens with a picture of water (( – and it was consciously scheduled to arrive in Quito on World Water Day (March 22). One of the arguments made, translated from the Mandate for Water, Life and Dignity of Peoples, is that:

    “For the Mirador Project (Zamora Chinchipe), which represent approximately twenty billion dollars, only 22 percent will be paid as rent to the state while the remaining 78 percent will go to the multinationals, leaving us also with 681 billion liters of contaminated water.”

    I’d say that is a sobering response to President Correa’s insistence that “revenues raised from the mine and similar projects will fund roads, schools and hospitals, and local people will get a share of the money.”

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