A course with Ömür Harmanşah

Water is the source of life. In the midst of a global climate change, environmental crises for water resources and the political debates over water, we have come to the full realization of our complete dependence on water. This course investigates our long term attachment and engagement with water using archaeology, environmental history, visual, literary and historical sources. The cultural and political aspects of water around springs, rivers, lakes, marshes, and living by the sea are explored from the Last Ice Age to late antiquity. Human societies small or large tended to live close to water, near marshes, springs or lakes and made wise use of water resources using a variety of different technologies. We will explore water management in ancient cities of the Near East and classical antiquity in the Mediterranean.

We have put together this blog for the ARCH 0680: Water, Culture and Power course, to which we hope you will all contribute. The blog is the place which you should check for announcements, and you will be encouraged to share materials that you see relevant to the class discussions. There will be weekly formal postings on the blog, and you will be expected to post responses to them.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Sarah Craft, the teaching assistant for ARCH 0680.

Download syllabus here.


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